Harnessing the potential
of aquafarming to feed
the world.



The plants we grow belong to the Lemnaceae aquatic plant family, the world’s smallest flowering plant. These small but mighty plants can transform plant-based nutrition and contain a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They’re a high yielding source of protein with exceptional nutritional and functional properties, are sustainably grown and don’t require arable land.

  1. Contains all nine essential amino acids contributing to a PDCAAS score of 1.0.
  2. Doubles its biomass <48 hours resulting in year-round growth & harvesting.
  3. The aquatic plant contains over 40% protein prior to processing.
  4. Lemnature delivers a higher quality Lemnaceae, with average protein concentrations up to 200% of typical Lemnaceae.
  5. Delivers up to 15x the protein yield per unit acre compared to traditional soil-based crops.



Lemenaceae is our hero, but it is our farms that allow us to unlock and share its immense potential with the world.

Lemnature scientists, plant physiologists and biochemists have methodologically solved each major challenge across the full production value chain, from cultivation to harvesting to processing.

  1. Our aquafarms have been refined and validated across 4 continents and a range of aquatic plant varieties in the Lemnaceae family, resulting in an industry leading capacity to cultivate high-quality crops at large commercial scale.
  2. Our 900-acre farms are designed with sustainability as a core feature so that we protect local and global ecosystems, while producing our transformative crops and ingredients.
  3. Developed an extensive intellectual property position on the art of large-scale growth of Lemnaceae including:
    1. Know-how on the design, engineering, and operation of growth raceways
    2. Development of proprietary growth techniques and nutrient formulations that accommodate for seasonal changes
    3. Proprietary equipment & technology for efficient harvesting
  4. Our patented and sustainable growth systems and strategies enhance and harness the natural power of the plant to support daily, year-round harvests of fresh crop.
  5. Proprietary, automated systems allow efficient delivery of the crop to our process facility while preserving and enhancing crop quality.



We have significantly improved our Lemnaceae’s sustainability. Driven by sustainability-informed innovation guided by scientifically rigorous, third-party Life Cycle Assessment data, we have mitigated environmental impacts and integrated highly sustainable techniques into our Lemnaceae production

  1. Our scientists and engineers designed and built the first of its kind, large-scale, and state-of-the-art facility for year-round processing of over 900-acres of aqua farmed Lemnaceae.
  2. At the core of this vision was a focus on capturing the nutritional, health and functional benefits of the Lemnaceae crop through minimal processing while strictly adhering to best manufacturing practices for food quality and safety, without sacrificing on environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  3. Water recovered during the patented processing is recycled to the farm thereby minimizing overall water usage.



Our mission is to develop innovative ingredients that provide enhanced nutrition and functionality in a sustainable manner across a variety of food, beverage, and nutraceutical applications.

  1. We strive to extract value out of our Lemnature™ Protein and Lemnature™ Fiber powders to deliver nutrient-rich and superior functionality across a variety of applications demanded by consumers.
  2. Our nutritious aquatic plants are applicable across a variety of mainstream food, beverage, and nutrition categories:
    • Sports Nutrition (powders, bars, RTD beverages)
    • Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
    • Weight management & wellbeing
    • Processed meat, seafood & alternatives
    • Dairy products & alternatives
    • Baked goods & Confection
    • Ready meals & Other foods
  3. Our commitment is to continue to innovate and identify novel and nutritious ways to deliver plant-based food, beverage, and nutraceutical solutions including but not limited to neutral taste, white ingredients, and botanicals.
  4. We seek to ensure food security through innovative growth and processing solutions with minimal processing.

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