The world’s smallest
“flowering” plant will
solve one of the world’s
largest problems


As the 21st century global population inches toward nine billion people an agricultural revolution is required to meet these immense food requirements in an environmentally sustainable manner.

To meet this challenge, we are committed to producing plant-based ingredients with superior nutritional and functional properties that are globally scalable and highly sustainable.

From our plants to our farms, sustainability is woven into our every effort.

Food that goes beyond nutrition.

Our aquafarming model nourishes the world’s inhabitants while caring for the planet.

Our Products

The Lemnature Solution

The Plant is Our Hero.

Our nutrient rich plants are the foundation of our sustainability mission. By locally sourcing this remarkable plant and allowing natural selection to optimize its growth pattern, we’ve minimized our impact on the native environment and our transportation emissions.

The Lemnature Solution

The Aquafarm is Our Difference.

Our aquafarm, with its proprietary design and construction, is at the core of our sustainability success. By leveraging non-arable land and our innovative system, we’re at the forefront of regenerative agriculture delivering powerful sustainability results.

  • Is a “Water Positive” farm & processing facility due to patented Controlled Growth Areas that minimize water usage and maximize recyclability.
  • Utilizes patented “lined” growth canals, designed to hold the nutrients, and prevent agricultural runoff pollution protecting our local waterways.
  • Uses proprietary growth system which requires no arable land which prevents tilling and soil erosion to the existing ground.
  • Contains a proprietary crop management system that eliminates the need for herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides and is environmentally friendly.
  • Our crop harvest IP improves sustainability by leveraging energy efficient strategies that reduce the carbon footprint, drive 100% utilization of the crop and improve product quality.

Our Impact

Sustainability is not
a one-time event.

01. Transform

Transform non-arable land into food producing farms.

02. Cultivate

Cultivate up to 15x more protein per unit acre than traditional soil-based crops.

03. Recycle

Recycle virtually all water and nutrients back into the system.

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