Cultivating a
plant-based future.

We are growing solutions to meet the diverse challenges facing our global food system.

Our Mission
Welcome to Lemnature

A Sustainable Aquaculture Company

We are a business-to-business plant-based ingredient supplier to the food, beverage and nutrition markets.

Lemnature AquaFarms
Lemnature AquaFarms Mission
Our Mission

It all begins with Lemnaceae

Starting with the all-natural Lemnaceae aquatic plant, we strive to create a model to feed the world and improve health with plant-powered foods through a global, highly sustainable aquaculture footprint.

Lemnature AquaFarms Mission
Lemnature AquaFarms
A humble plant with extraordinary powers.
Lemnature AquaFarms Impact
Our Process

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Tapping into the potential of aquaculture, we’ve built an integrated growth and processing system that transforms marginal, non-agricultural land into thriving productive areas. Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading and environmentally conscious providers of plant-based nutrition.

Lemnature AquaFarms Innovation
Our Approach

Innovation, Functionality & Flexibility

Through our proprietary and highly innovative growth, harvesting and processing techniques we have created a diverse product pipeline to address the unmet opportunities in the plant-based food, beverage, and nutritional categories. Our current and growing list of applications include superfood drinks, protein powders, and nutrition bars.

Lemnature Aqua Farms
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