Cultivating a
plant-based future.

Welcome to Lemnature AquaFarms
A Sustainable Aquaculture Company

Introducing Lemnaceae

The humble plant with
extraordinary powers.

Grown and harvested 365 days a year, and packed with nutrients, this mighty aquatic plant is where it all begins. Lemnaceae fills important, unmet market needs without the negatives associated with other plant-based proteins. It offers a complete nutritional solution that is sustainably sourced and aligned to growing consumer and manufacturer expectations.

What We Do

Grown for
everyday products.

Our innovative, functional and flexible product line is the result of our proprietary growth, harvesting, and processing techniques. Every step was purposefully created in order to address the growing opportunities and needs in the plant-based food, beverage, and nutritional categories.

Our Products

Transform non-arable land into food producing farms.


Farm differently.

We believe aquafarms will address the diverse challenges facing our global food system. Highly sustainable, productive, and efficient living systems, our aquafarms:

  • 01. Transform
  • 02. Cultivate
  • 03. Recycle
Our Impact

As nature intended.

Our scientists, plant physiologists and biochemists have methodically solved each major challenge across the full production value chain while maintaining minimal processing status.

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